Writing Lab Staff


Section Head of Writing Support

Dana Shaaban

Dana Shaaban

Dana Aicha Kassim Shaaban was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She graduated with a BA and MA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut. She joined Qatar University in Fall 2008 as a Lecturer in the Department of English Literature and Linguistics and became a part of the Writing Lab team in Spring 2010. In Fall 2013, she became the Head of the Writing Lab while continuing to assist students who needed help with writing. She also supervised peer tutors, conducted workshops, and developed tutor resources. In Fall 2014 she was promoted to the Section Head of Writing Support and now manages two units: the English Writing Lab and the Arabic Writing Lab.  Dana Shaaban hopes to maintain the high standard of writing support services being offered in both Arabic and English.

Writing Support Facilitator

Maisaa Salameh


Maisaa Mahmoud Salameh was born and raised in Doha, Qatar. She  graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Qatar University. She joined the Writing Lab as a Writing Support Facilitator in Fall 2014. She is the SLSC focal point with the ITS department and the Student Affairs Referral System. She is responsible for managing SLSC webpages on the main QU website, the SharePoint System that is used to manipulate the SLSC data, SLSC statistics reports, the Referral System that is used to refer students who need academic or writing support from different colleges to the SLSC, event management, peer tutor supervision and other administrative duties. She hopes to enhance  the quality and features of the mentioned systems to facilitate and improve the SLSC work and services.



Rasha Halawa joined the Section of Writing Support in Spring 2014 as a Writing Support Facilitator. She studied at the University of Jordan, and  graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She worked before  in Applied Science University (Jordan). Part of her job in the Section of Writing Support is to help students in scheduling appointments in the WLAS as well as guiding them to other services provided by the Writing Support Section. Her job duties further include several administrative tasks, such as arranging meetings and events, writing meeting minutes, supporting the Writing Lab team, supervising students who work in the lab as well as students who visit the lab for appointments, preparing monthly statistics, and coordinating with External Relations regarding all the advertising and announcements on behalf of the Writing Lab.

Unit Head of the Arabic Writing Lab

FatmaFatima Abdel Aal Hamour is a Sudanese Philosophy and Arabic graduate of University of Khartoum. She obtained her Diploma and Masters in Public Administration from the same university. She has extensive experience in Sudan and Qatar. She has been lately teaching languages, Arabic- English – French, for many educational centers. Fatima breathes reading and writing. She writes and presents scientific papers as well as poetry, and because she loves creative writing, she joined classes with Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing. She believes that learning is a life-long activity, so now she is studying music. Fatima is competent in translation and transcription, has collaborated with Sidra, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Hamad Medical Corporation, and with individuals. In 2012, she started working with QU as an Arabic Writing Specialist. Since then, Fatima has gained an expanded experience in the area of writing support. During her tenure at the SLSC, Fatima has been quite visible across campus and has developed strong relationships with the Arabic Department as well as other departments at QU. She has also been instrumental in the creation of a variety of Arabic writing resources for students. In Fall 2014, Fatima was promoted to Unit Head of the Arabic Writing Lab.

Unit Head of the English Writing Lab

Claire Conroy

Claire Conroy

Claire Conroy has been a Lecturer in the Foundation Program since 1993, and she has just joined the Writing Lab. Prior to that, she taught courses at Bahrain University and at Kuwait Telecommunications. Due to this lengthy experience in the Arab world of higher education, she believes she understands the challenges faced by students here in QU. She is delighted to have this opportunity to work one-on one with students, and she hopes to encourage them to take pride in their writing. She is also an IELTS Writing examiner.

English Writing Specialists

IMG_9185 copy

William (Bill) Dietz

William (Bill) Dietz comes from the USA.  He has degrees in philosophy and education, and taught in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the US before moving to Qatar in 2005. This is his third year with the Writing Lab at QU. He works with upper level and undergraduate students on both the male and female campuses, and also gives workshops on writing skills during the course of the semester.

Luleadey Tadesse

Luleadey Tadesse

Luleadey Tadesse was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has a BA in English and an MA in English Literature from Addis Ababa University. She is also CELTA certified (Cambridge English Language Teaching for Adults). Currently, she is finalizing her studies to earn a PhD in English Literature from Addis Ababa University. For the past 8 years, she’s been teaching academic English and multi-skill oriented English for adults at Addis Ababa University, Sandford International School in Addis Ababa, and British Council Ethiopia. Aside from her teaching responsibilities, she has chaired the Department of Foreign Literature at the Faculty of Humanities at Addis Ababa University. Luleadey has recently joined the SLSC as an English Writing Specialist. She hopes to contribute to the vision and mission of the WL through her extensive teaching experience.

Maimoona Rahman

Maimoona Rahman is a recent graduate of Qatar University with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in International Affairs. She worked as a peer tutor in the writing lab for almost three years before joining as a Writing Specialist in Fall 2014. She has also freelanced as a research writer and a newswriter for online and print media. Currently she is looking to gain work experience in tutoring in ESL writing and getting her CELTA certificate so she can travel extensively before getting her Master’s in Comparative Literature. Rahman is a feminist and a nutrition enthusiast, so in her spare time she writes about gender issues and experiments with whole foods.

Administrative Assistants



Duaa Fathi Ali is a second-year International Affairs student from Sudan. She has been working as an Admin Assistant in the Writing Lab since Fall 2013. She helps students in taking appointments, as well as other scheduling matters.  She is interested in the French language and has many goals to achieve. She wants to aid in attaining world peace and become the Minister of Economy in her country. She enjoys reading newspapers every day.


Lubna Zarif

Lubna Zarif is a second year Biological Science student. She is doing her major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. She is originally from India, but was born and brought up in Qatar. She works as an assistant admin in the writing lab. In her spare time, she likes to read novels and is passionate about nature photography.

Mariam is from Palestine but was born in Qatar. She is a first year Mass Communication student who joined the Writing Lab in Spring 2013 as an administrative assistant. Working in the Writing Lab has been a good experience for her as she helps students who don’t know how to make appointments, and answers any questions that they may have about the services. In her free time, she likes to read stories and write.

Sara Salmeh is a senior English Literature & Linguistics student minoring in Translation and International Affairs. She joined the Writing Lab as a volunteer in Fall 2009. She tries to break the ice by visiting classes to help students understand the services offered by the Writing Lab and to build a bond of trust between them and the Writing Lab team. Sara believes that good customer service is needed to succeed in achieving goals. In Spring 2011, Sara started working in the Writing Lab as an administrative assistant.  Her duties include visiting classes in the Foundation department, encouraging instructors to use the services, coordinating between instructors and the Writing Lab team, and participating in Qatar University events with the Writing Lab team in order to help students in their academic lives.

Peer Tutors


Hamed Alhosin

Hamed Alhosin is a second-year Environmental Science student. He is from Syria, but was born in Qatar. He recently joined the writing lab, and he is excited to gain some experience and to help students with their essays and academic assignments​. In his free time Hamed particularly​ enjoys reading papers, articles, and journals in the field of environmental science and Biology and watching anime.

Noor Shurrab is a junior student from Palestine. She is majoring in English Linguistics and minoring in Translation. She is also an honors student at Qatar University. She has worked with the Special Needs Section for almost two years. Noor is fluent in English and Arabic. She is interested in learning about different cultures and languages in general. One of her priorities in life is Prophet Mohammad’s hadith: “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” That is why her goal in life is to spread positivity, show love and respect to other people and help students around her. In fact, helping other students is the most important reason for her to join the Writing Lab. By doing so, she wishes to teach other students the correct way of writing an effective essay.

Omama is originally from Alexandria, Egypt, but she was born and raised in Qatar. She is a junior at the Department of English Literature and Linguistics with a concentration in Linguistics. She is also a Translation minor. She is extremely interested in languages in general and in literary translation. In addition to that, she is an Honors student and an active writer. Her duties at the Writing Lab are to help students with any writing difficulties, revise their work, and guide them on how to write well-organized and effective academic papers.



Ons Hassine is a second-year electrical engineering student from Tunisia. She recently joined the Writing Lab as a peer tutor, and she is very excited. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French. In her free time, she loves to read . Ons truly enjoys volunteering in different activities and having a part-time job; she joined the Writing Lab to gain a richer experience and to help students to improve their writing skills. Ons believes that helping others kindles happinessand she is available to work one-on one with students.

2014-10-24 20.53.56

Rana Al-absi

Rana Al-absi is second year Environmental Science student. She is originally from Palestine, was born in Jordan, and has been living in Qatar for 18 years. Rana considers herself fluent in Arabic and English and will always have a positive attitude towards future improvement. In Fall 2014 she started working at the writing lab as an English peer tutor and believes that the learning process should be creative, fun and exciting. According to her, working as a peer tutor is a learning process for both the students as well as the peer tutors. In her spare time, some of the activities she enjoys most are handicrafts, swimming and reading about human psychology.

Sabah %282%29


Sabah is a second-year Biology student who joined the Writing Lab as a peer tutor in Fall 2013. She got selected to be a member of National Society of High School Scholars in 2011, which is a national honor society. Working in the Writing Lab has been a great experience for her as it helps her get some great ideas from students while at the same time helping them. In her free time, she likes to read books and play some scientific games.


Yosri Hamama

Yosri Hamama  is a second year Tunisian Mass Communication Major.  He speaks five languages; most importantly, he is fluent in written and spoken English,  Arabic, French, Spanish, and Polish. He has been working as a peer tutor in the Male Writing Lab since Fall 2013. He believes that tutoring should be a fun and interactive experience as well as an educational one.  He is gladly available to help students with their assignments, essays, readings and writings.

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