Language Lab Services

The aim of the Language Lab is to support QU students with their English. We help improve their listening, speaking, reading and subsidiary skills in grammar. We offer a variety of workshops, programs and revision sessions that can support them in their studies, tailored to the particular syllabus that they are studying at the university. We present workshops, tutoring sessions and revision sessions designed to help students with anything they are struggling with.

Our workshops include:

  • Grammar Spoken out Loud – for beginners
  • Develop your Reading skills
  • Develop Your Listening Skills
  • Develop your Speaking skills – for intermediate students

Workshop Schedule-Fall 2017 (Female)

Our programs include:

  • Develop It – for beginners. Focuses on students’ speaking skills alongside their subsidiary skills in grammar. Tailored to their university syllabus.
  • Improve It – for beginners. Improves students’ language skills, both speaking and writing.
  • Express It – for intermediate/advanced. Designed to encourage students to interact both with other students and the tutor. Three levels: grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency.

Writing Lab Services

Tutoring: Writing specialists and peer tutors work one-on-one with students of different levels and proficiencies to help enhance their writing skills in Arabic and English. Students can book an appointment online.

Workshops: Every semester, the section provides Arabic and English workshops on writing basics that students need to succeed not only in their English and Arabic courses but also to improve their writing in general.

Workshop Schedule-Fall 2017 (Female)SWS Workshop Schedule-Fall 2017 (Male)

Tailored Workshops: These workshops are offered to departments and colleges that request specific workshops (that we do not already offer) for their students (e.g. College of Pharmacy, Honors Program, Arabic Department).

Class-visits: Class visits are provided upon request to inform students about the services provided by the Section of Writing Support.

Quick Library Consultations: Students working on their research can visit room 108 in the Female Library, on Sundays and Wednesdays, to ask a Writing Specialist quick questions about writing. This service is for female students only.

Library Schedule for October 2017

Resources: Resources for students and other information about the Section of Writing Support can be found online.